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On-road parking is available locally, some is free and some is within a residents parking zone which is active Mon-Sat between 9am and 5pm. Within the zone there are parking metres at £1 per hour with the first half hour free (maximum 3 hrs). After 5pm it is free and there are no restrictions. Please see the street signs for detailed information.


Most of our classes run outside the parking restriction times  but if your class is within these times and longer than 3 hours you may purchase a permit to allow you to park within this zone for the whole day. This is £8 and must be booked in advance with a deposit as it is a physical permit. Please book via email 

Streets off North St to the South (i.e the opposite side to Creative Space) are not within the zone and therefore have no restrictions/charges and there are no charges at all, anywhere on a Sunday.

Cancellation and refunds

Many of the courses which take place at Creative Space are booked directly through the teacher. In these cases please refer to the terms of the party through which your booking was made. For courses booked and paid directly through Creative Space please see Terms

Photos and social media #creativespacebristol

Please tag us in any social media posts! If there are any students in the class who don't wish to appear on social media please be respectful of this if you post your photos.

Storage and Lost Property

We cannot store projects for students between courses. Any furniture left will be kept for 4 weeks in the shop and we will ask you to collect it. After that it will be removed to a storage unit at a charge of £2 per week. After 6 months, if not collected or if the storage charge exceeds any credit, it will be disposed of.


Lost property will be kept at the studio for one month. If not collected within this time, it will be disposed of.

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