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Creative Space 56-58 North St Bristol BS3 1HJ

Creative Writing 

Its not all about making things with your hands! 

Mindful Doing

Thursday evenings 19th Sept - 26th October

If you feel like you're in need of some relaxation, but struggle to do ‘nothing’, ‘Mindful Doing’ could be just the thing. In collaboration with local creative Lottie Suki, we're running six weekly sessions of chilled out creativity, giving you the opportunity to slow down, re-energise, and nourish your creative side. Suitable for complete beginners, we'll be taking a pressure-free and meditative approach to creating. Book as many or as few sessions as you like.

Thurs 19th Sept: Paper making

Thurs 26th Sept: Making notebooks & sketchbooks

Thurs 3rd Oct: Mindful writing

Thurs 10th: Mediative drawing

Thurs 17th Oct: Experimenting with textiles

Thurs 24th Oct: Mediative drawing part II

Flash Inspo Creative Writing Workshops


What is Flash Inspo?

Flash Inspo is a creative initiative to get people to pause, reflect, focus and create. We live busy lives in a busy world and it can be really difficult to carve out time to yourself. It’s even more difficult to get the space needed in your mind to gain inspiration or have creative thoughts when you’re constantly zipping from commute, to meeting, to working lunch, to you-name-it-there’s-not-really-enough-time-in-the-day-for-it. Flash Inspo is as its namesake suggests: quick as a flash moments of inspiration and creativity. Wherever you have those pockets of ‘dead time’, such as when you’re scrolling through social media before bed; running a bath; or waiting for the microwave to ping, these are the perfect times for a little flash of inspiration.

Watch this space or sign up to our mailing list on the home page for info on upcoming dates.